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A unique statement piece maxi-dress featuring an intricate and whimsical pattern of ferns, flowers, and leaves that perfectly captures the essence of a woodland nymph.

I wanted a darker background colour for the front side panels and a lighter one for the middle panel. To achieve this, I used different dye blankets over the foliage, made with oak galls and chestnut bark. Some of the plants were foraged in the countryside around where I live, and some are from my garden.

The front bodice is again different from the skirt, a darker colour with one green hydrangea leaf pointing downwards, with a few white hydrangea florets scattered throughout.

The back of the dress has a different hue to the front, the idea was to add this quirky detail to reflect the many aspects of our personality, exposed at different moments in time.

The sleeves are made of a different fabric, a sheer silk organza, which I have also sparsely eco-printed with some foliage and used the same oak gall dye to get the dark blueish black colour.

The dress is handmade and one-of-a-kind, reflecting the beauty of nature and the artistry of the maker. Perfect for a nature-loving bohemian goddess who appreciates sustainable fashion.



Woodland Nymph Ecoprinted & Handmade dress


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