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Cotton canvas featuring artwork created with plants, the earthy background colours were achieved with tree barks and other plant material. Foliage, roots, mosses and weed seed-heads were used to create a story of the life of plants above and under the ground with their shapes and textures.

This is a unique piece. The canvas is framed at the top and bottom with a bamboo poster frame, clipped together by metal clasps which can be removed easily if needed.


SIZE: H - 74 cm, W - 40cm


• Eco-printing or botanical contact printing is an artisan dyeing technique where real plants, either leaves or flowers or barks are placed in close contact with the fabric, bundled and steamed. Their pigments or other components such as tannins, will impart their colour and will be permanently preserved on the cloth.

• We strive to provide accurate colour descriptions, however due to variations in the hand dyeing process as well as computer monitor colour displays, there may be slight variations between your bespoke item and those pictured in our sample photographs.

Canvas wall hanging eco-print

SKU: CanvasWallArt

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