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Festive cheer & Happy New year to you and your family

Sorry guys for missing the big day with my Christmas greetings, but they say it's the 12 days of Christmas, right? So it still counts for something...

(Handmade patchwork wall hanging)


As the holidays zoom in with that familiar charged energy field of excitement and anticipation, some of us will fantasize about inviting friends and family to our homes for festive parties. Others may only be thinking about getting those generous invitations!

Whatever your belief system – including those who prefer not to partake – it is pretty difficult to escape that energized feeling in the air–thick with hopes and dreams, wishes and promises. The holidays provide us a moment to celebrate each other as we find ourselves outside of ordinary times and into a space that beckons us to rejoice.

I'm on my annual winter pilgrimage to spend the festive season with my family so I closed the shop from early December until mid January.

I'm always on the lookout for creative inspiration when out walking, whatever the season. And nature never disappoints. Right now I'm working on pieces of fabric for a patchwork quilt, printed with plant material found during walks in the woods or the riverbank.


The winter landscape is so beautiful and architectural with barren branches, berries and dried seedheads or icicles sparkling through shades of browns and greys.


It's been a busy year, I took part in several workshops, learning amazing new things, with Maiwa School of textiles in Canada and The Full Palette workshop with Irit Dulman at

In January I will participate at a local event organised by Antrim Enterprise to which I had the honour to be invited to give a talk to those interested, with the aim to motivate those seeking work or inspiration for a new career path.

Start Me Up Flyer
Download PDF • 203KB

I will also embark on a new learning experience with Maiwa School of Textiles, this time experimenting with Tannins, Oxides and Indigo, a course taught by Natalie Grambow, an accomplished textile artist.

I can't wait to share with you the new pieces I'm going to create.


Meanwhile, you can take a look on my website, there are a few new additions, silk ribbon jewellery and scarves, more still to follow.

So, this is my end of year summary in a nutshell.

I wish you all good things for the coming year, let's hope it will be a better one, safer and with more freedom to move around.

Best wishes,

Gabriella @LeafAlkemy

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