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Just as nature intended

Ecoprinted & Plant dyed fabric designs

Our favorites

Ecoprinted  clothing & accessories

Each item was created with passion in a process that takes days, gathering the plants, washing and printing the fabric with gathered leaves and flowers.


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Silk scarf eco-printed with foraged leaves

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 silk ribbons & other accessories

Planning your Big Day or a Special event?

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  • Add a touch of sustainable, natural luxury with our elegant & chic ribbons to embellish flower bouquets, create elegant table settings, wrap presents with, give that individual style to it all. 

  • The lustrous shimmery hues are often achieved by blends of many plant pigments, resulting in unique colours.


  • Our hand frayed ribbon gives a romantic feel as they drape beautifully, whether wrapped around flowers or cards or gifts. You can keep them after your big day as keepsakes, as they are so pretty.


  • If you need larger quantities for a big event, please get in touch. Please order at least 4 weeks before your big day to allow time for preparing your ribbons.

Interview with Fibre Artist

Gabriella Weatherhead

By Caroline Black - Bare Soled Girl  - READ THE FULL ARTICLE at www.baresoledgirl.com


An interview I did with a fibre artist by the name of Gabriella Weatherhead. I have known Gabriella for a long time and asked if I could talk to her about the striking pieces of clothing she creates using natural plants. Her words resonate with me so deeply, her deep appreciation and respect for nature, and the beauty born out of her creative flow is truly inspiring. Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

BSG: What efforts are involved and if the joy output equals the effort and movement inputs?

Gabriella: There’s no denying that there is quite a bit of work involved in making clothes this way. I move a lot! Especially when you hand dye and eco-print the fabric, because it is difficult to work with very large pieces of fabric in one go in a home studio setting, I often tend to dye and print each piece of a garment individually and sew it afterwards. It can take me a week sometimes for one garment. Overall, natural dyeing is time consuming, you have to be very patient. I often see in my head what the finished piece should look like, but I have to follow patiently each step, in order to get there. And then the results can be entirely different than what I expected, which is something I quite like, you have to be open and accept the results with joy, because you’re not in as much control as the industrial world has taught us to be and nature has its own way. I love the surprise element involved in each project, unwrapping a bundle of fabric to reveal its magic. But there’s no question, the rewards are absolutely worth the effort put in. The feeling you get when you see the results is indescribable! And you learn from each project, newer ideas and techniques pop up, it’s almost an inexhaustible resource of creativity.

BSG: How do you feel your work relates to a more conscious way of living?

Gabriella: Firstly, it teaches me to slow down and just be sometimes, and observe the natural world, even more, the plants I work with are seasonal and there is a temptation to want something you like, to be available all year round. I call it the supermarket mentality, where we can find all kinds of fruit and veg year-round. Well, nature doesn’t work like this, and therein lies the beauty of natural things. You have to tune in to nature’s cycles and rhythm, respect the environment and the plants by not over-harvesting them.

I also like to reuse old bits of clothes to make new things from them. 


Ultimately, I believe that clothes made in this slow way, with their unique colours and styles, are more likely to be treasured and worn for longer and not discarded as readily as things bought from the high street brands.

Naturally beautiful

Plant dyes offer a renewable and rich colour palette each season. Many of the plants I use as dye are known as weeds, or common garden or hedgerow plants. Leaves, flowers, roots and bark, some native and some more exotic.

Take a look at some of my earlier work samples in the gallery below for ideas of some custom made things.

If you would like any product custom made in a specific colour, please email me. 

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Siobhan Black Englishby

Thanks a million for my gorgeous T-shirt and scarf Gabriella. They are really special, I love the way they are made using leaves and flowers to dye each piece individually. It’s clear that much care and attention has gone into them. Each one is really like a work of art and totally unique.

Janeen Redmond

I just love my organic cross over bag.

It is just so gorgeous with a beautiful design on it.

Julieanne Reel

Thank you so much for this gorgeous one of a kind bag. Organic and perfect for holding my singing bowls. I love it xxx

Rosa Parkes

Gabriella was so helpful and took time to find the exact colour for my bespoke scarf to match my wedding outfit 😘

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