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Hello, I'm Gabriella, and

Welcome to Leaf Alkemy

A textile artist's studio where I create one-of-a-kind textile pieces for garments and homeware using ecoprinting and natural dyeing techniques.
I'm also working with patchwork quilting, embroidery, and crochet, incorporating my fabrics and hand dyed yarns and thread.
My passion for nature extends beyond textile art and into organic gardening, growing ornamentals, veg and herbs which are used in my own natural skincare products.

Here you'll find inspiration for eco-printing and natural dyeing, upcycling clothing with these techniques, interesting crochet projects and art quilts.

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Explore the Collection
Original indie design Handcrafted & Upcycled, Eco-printed clothing


 Scarves & handcrafted bags printed with real plants

Explore Our Homeware Collection

Botanically printed home accessories & Wall art

What you will find here: Naturally beautiful handcrafted pieces

Each piece begins with a plain white natural fibre cloth, some new, some vintage. The fabric is then prepared with minerals for dyeing,  and then colour is applied with plant based dyes, or bundled with fresh foliage or flowers either foraged in the wild or grown in our garden and finally steamed, to achieve the imprint of the plants on the cloth.

Recently I started using another exciting technique with rusted metal pieces,  to create  abstract printed patterns in an earthy colour palette of rusty tones, rich browns, greys and blacks.

Plant dyes offer a renewable and rich colour palette each season. Many of the plants I use as dyes are either medicinal, or known as weeds, or seasonal garden and hedgerow plants. Leaves, flowers, roots and bark, in harmony with nature and the seasons.

If you would like to upcycle an old garment or have a new one made, do get in touch by clicking the link below: 
Custom Orders for eco-printed clothing & accessories

Check out our gallery of previous makes. Drop us an email with your request

100% Recycled 


We save the rainwater in our garden and use it in the dyeing process

All our dyes are natural and non-toxic

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