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  • A beautiful, one of a kind poncho, made of organic hemp & bamboo fleece with a cowl neck which can be used also as a hood. 
  • The fabric was dyed in a blend of plant dyes, to achieve the soft teal-blue base colour. Then it was folded and clamped and dyed again in madder, to get the subtle purplish checks in a grid. 
  • This is an artisan product, entirely handmade, so it will not have the commercial finish you would expect from factory made clothing. But therein lies its beauty and uniqueness.
  • The overall appearance of the cloth is of mottled blue, wrinkled velvet, with a multitonal effect. The cloth is heavy and drapes beautifully. To the touch it feels like velvet and on the reverse it looks and feels like a knit jersey fabric.
  • Hemp & Bamboo fleece is a fabric not easily available and quite expensive, hence the higher cost of the poncho, which also reflects the long process of dyeing it with several different plant dyes and folding techniques.
  • This is definitely a slow fashion piece, with an authentic streak leaning towards boho-chic.
  • Fabric care: Wash on a cool cycle (30-40C) for silk or wool. Dry in shade. Naural dyes will fade faster if exposed for long to strong sunlight.
  • We strive to provide accurate colour descriptions, however due to variations in the hand dyeing process as well as computer monitor colour displays, there may be slight variations between your item and those pictured in our photographs.

Blue poncho

1 Gram

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