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This pretty and delicate looking necklace features a single charcoal black poppy, with the delicate veins running through the paperlike petals and a white, black and red pistil, the cenre of the flower. A silver chain attaches the pendant to two flat beads on each side, of the same colour with a tiny red dot in the centre. The rest of the necklace is made of black recycled polyesther cord, with a sliding knot at the back to allow you to adjust the length. It does not have clasps, which means it must be put on over the head. To lengthen it, just tug on the cord, and to shorten it, pull the cord ends sideways.


The pendant measures 5cm in diameter, while the necklace length is approximately 60 cm.


It was designed and handmade here at the Leaf Alkemy workshop.

Black Poppy necklace


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