A luxurious natural silk scarf, understated elegance in silvery grey, pale greens and blues, hand dyed with Logwood  (Haematoxylum campechianum) eco-printed with real garden plants, Valerian, dogwood, geranium, rose, cosmos leaves and pansies, bidens blooms.

Made of: Habotai silk - Habotai is a soft and lightweight, shimmering material once used mainly for making silk kimonos. It is sheer and often has an ivory color in its natural state.

Hemmed by hand with a rolled hem.


Whether you like to wear it across the shoulders as a chic throw or around the neck as a scarf, this stunning one-of-a-kind scarf is bound to catch the eye.


It comes beautifully wrapped in my signature box.


Size: Width 25 x Length 150 cm (Approximate length)


Hand wash only at 30°C. Air dry in shade.


Do not tumble dry or machine wash

Silver Grey & Blue Silk Scarf