• Eri silk is also called Ahimsa, or peace silk because the cocoons are harvested after the silk moth left the cocoon so the silk fibres are shorter and produce a coarser fabric. 

This handwoven silk has more weight to it and it drapes beautifully.

To the touch, Eri  or peace silk doesn't feel as silky as other traditional      silks. It feels like woven wool and it warms in the winter and feels cool        in the summer.  Hand dyed with logwood and eco-printed with                Sambucus nigra, Virginia creeper & Valerian  leaves and Cosmos &        Bidens flowers. Finished with twisted fringes.


Hand crafted things carry little imperfections, which add to their unique character. These are not defects but a distinctive feature of their uniqueness.


Super generous size of 70-200 cm

Handwoven by skilled craftsmen and women in a rehabilitation centre for physically challenged people in India. The centre provides individuals with an education, learning a craft, and work to support their families.


It comes beautifully wrapped in my signature box.


Handwash only in lukewarm water with Ph neutral detergent for silk.


Not suitable for tumble dryers or dry cleaning

Handwoven peace silk scarf "Shades of blue & white"

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