The perfect ensemble for a moment of quiet reflection, I have lovingly put together this tea set which comes with a linen serviette handmade by me, and it is part of my 'Sepia' limited edition collection. The Eucalyptus Long Leaf serviette/mat is hand dyed and printed with locally grown Eucalyptus  leaves. The fabric is quality linen, the raw edges are hand stitched. 
You can choose your tea and mug, either white or black. The award winning, Fairtrade loose leaf teas are supplied by local company Suki Tea Makers in Belfast -

Choice of teas:

  • Belfast Brew - Tanzania and Assam are the source for this Irish Breakfast Tea Blend.
  • Apple Loves Mint - fruit tea is inspired by a bag of sweets. A beautiful tea on the eye, complete with rose buds (so cute). This mint tea has Apple and playful papaya sweetness, a subtle hint of rose blossom, then mint finish. Caffeine Free
  • Earl GreyBlue flower - a classic Earl Grey, with the best Italian bergamot oil available on the market. The addition of Blue Cornflowers makes this a visually stunning tea.
  • Green Tea Ginseng - Very light, very fresh, smooth, sweet green tea. A harmonious balance of ginseng, ginger and pineapple blended with Sencha green tea leaf.
  • Green Tea Lemon - The wonderful citrus aromas of this brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon peel complement one another perfectly.
  • Indian Spiced Chai - is an Organic rich black tea, with exotic spices from India.
  • Red Berry - This red berry tea is a punchy, full on infusion of mixed berries, fruit & hibiscus. Natural ingredients.

Gift set contents: 1x Leaf Alkemy serviette, 1 Packet loose tea blend (80g or 100g), tea ball strainer, mug.
The set comes in a brown recycled cardboard box, bearing the Leaf Alkemy label and is beautifully tied with raffia string.
All our packaging is plastic free. Everything is compostable/recyclable. You can also keep the box for other handy purposes and the satin paper inside, which is also made of recycled paper

Eucalyptus Long Leaf Serviette & Tea Set