Planning your big day or a special event? Add a touch of sustainable, natural luxury with our elegant & chic ribbons to embellish flower bouquets, create elegant table settings, wrap presents with, give that individual style to it all.

  • Our seamless (frayed edges) hand dyed ribbons are made of recycled silk leftovers from the sari manufacturing and have stitched joints at intervals of approximately 1 meter and have a generous width of 5 - 7cm. The lustrous shimmery hues are often achieved by blends of many plant pigments, resulting in unique colours. Every step of our ribbon process is by hand. Our frayed ribbons give a romantic feel as they drape beautifully, whether wrapped around flowers or cards or gifts. You can keep them after your big day as keepsakes, as they are so pretty.
  • They come on wooden spools in 2 or 3 meter lengths and a width between 5-7 cm.
  • Because they are dyed using plant matter, there may be unique random marblings on the fabric. Also each batch, even of the same pigment blend, will be a little different, depending on the season or where the plants grew. This is the nature of nature! You really are purchasing a one of a kind, truly special ribbon with so much love (and time) put into each batch.
  • We strive to provide accurate colour descriptions, however due to variations in the hand dyeing process  as well as computer monitor colour displays, there may be slight variations between your bespoke ribbon and those pictured in our sample photographs.
  • The colours are all wash and light fast, but longer exposure to sunlight will slightly fade some colours so keep/dry in shade or indoors.
  • If washing of the ribbon is needed please do so with care - a lukewarm handwash using sensitive detergent or hair shampoo should be all you need. They tangle up in a washing machine. Fraying threads can be gently torn off or snipped off.
  • If your ribbon becomes wrinkled these can be ironed out on medium (silk) setting.

Alabaster Barely Blue hand dyed silk ribbon